Call 911 or 205-348-5454

If someone on campus needs emergency medical care, call 911 or
205-348-5454. Typically, a University police officer will be the first emergency official to arrive. In addition to the police, a local ambulance and medically trained personnel from the Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Service will respond. Do not go to the Student Health Center for medical emergencies. DCH Regional Medical Center, located on University Boulevard near the perimeter of campus, has a 24-hour emergency department. When you call for help, remember:

  •   The victim must not be moved, except to be removed from life-threatening conditions.
  •   Someone must stay with the victim until help arrives.
  •   Give complete directions to the victim’s location.
  •   Accurately describe what happened.
  •   Stay on the line until dispatch tells you to hang up.
  •   Guide emergency officials to the victim.

Stay back and keep others out of the way of emergency officials. Before you leave the scene, check with a police officer to see if further information is needed.