Many of the buildings on campus use natural gas to for climate control and other purposes.  Should you detect an unusual odor or gas leak, pursue the following measures immediately:

Gas Odor

  • Leave the area.
  • Call the University Police at 205-348-5454.
  • Do not use ignition sources (cigarettes, electrical devices, etc.).
  • Do not turn on lights or other electrical switches.
  • Warn others in the area.
  • Meet with responding personnel to identify the location of the odor.

Major Leak

  • Call the University Police at 205-348-5454 or 911.
  • Prevent sources of ignition. Do not turn on lights or other electrical switches.
  • Evacuate the building.
  • Do not re-enter building until authorized by emergency responders.
  • While outside, tell others not to enter the building/area.
  • If needed, meet with responding personnel to provide additional information.