In the event of an emergency where a campus evacuation is necessary, motorists should be familiar with the University’s Emergency Evacuation Map for vehicles.

The map is based on a traffic plan designed to minimize congestion and facilitate a speedy departure.  It divides the campus into areas and directs motorists to leave using specific routes, typically away from the other areas.  For the plan to work, motorists should leave using the recommended routes, even if it is not the direction they would prefer to travel.

The plan assumes that all roads are available for evacuation.  Adjustments will have to be made should the emergency impede a particular egress route.   In this case, the University will tell motorists the areas to avoid.

Motorists should avoid University Boulevard as it will likely be congested with non-university traffic as well as first responders.  Moreover, it provides law enforcement with another option to detour traffic in case one of the recommended egress routes is eliminated due to the emergency.

Unless needed elsewhere, UAPD will assist with traffic control at select intersections.

See Emergency Evacuation Map for vehicles below.

View a printable map. (pdf)