The University of Alabama strives to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all attendees during football games at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  To this end, the University collaborates with the city and county of Tuscaloosa, other municipal and county governments, the state of Alabama, the federal government, and the private sector to support the event.  Many of these resources work behind the scene, both inside and outside the stadium.

Report a Public Safety Issue

To report a public safety issue, call 205-348-5454 or 911 if it is an emergency.  The public may also report a concern in person to any law enforcement, fire, or medical official.  Make sure to provide the section, row, and seat number if located in the seating area.

Stadium Public Address Announcements

Should an emergency occur, instructions will be provided through the stadium public address system.  Public safety personnel dispersed throughout the stadium may also provide instructions to fans.  It is important for people to remain calm and follow the instructions.


If medical attention is needed, please call 911 or 205-348-5454 to request assistance.  If telephone service is unavailable, ask or direct someone to contact the nearest public safety official (police, fire, or EMS).  Public safety personnel are deployed throughout the stadium.  If public safety personnel cannot be immediately located but stadium support personnel are available, ask them to request assistance.

Remember to provide the location (section, row, and seat number) and nature of the emergency.

Lost Child

Parents or a designated responsible adult should advise children to seek a law enforcement officer, firefighter, or medical personnel if they are lost or become separated.  Parents or a designated responsible adult may call UAPD at 205-348-5454 or report their lost child to the nearest public safety official.  It is important to provide a description (clothing, age, last known location, etc.).  A parent or responsible adult will be escorted to the First Aid Station and will remain there with a public safety official until the child is located.  The located child will be returned to the parent or responsible adult at the first aid station or other designated location.  Parents should carry a photograph or have an electronic picture of their children.  Parents may also want to (1) photograph their children with a cell phone before the game, (2) leave their contact information in their children’s pocket, and (3) have a designated meeting location should they become separated.

Power Failure

If the power fails, instructions will be provided through the public address system.  During a night game, generators will provide limited emergency lighting for evacuation purposes.  Please remain calm and in your seat until instructions are provided.  Consider bringing a small penlight to assist you while the power is out.


Under special circumstances for safety purposes, fans may be required to evacuate the stadium.  Should this occur, please follow the directions provided through the public address system and leave in a calm, orderly fashion through the nearest gate.  (This may not be the gate you entered.)  Please continue to move away from the stadium so that those behind you have room to exit and are not hindered.

Keep in mind that it will take some time to evacuate a stadium.  Please do not push the crowd but try to keep moving.  This will permit a quicker and more efficient evacuation.  Fans who need more time may want to leave the stadium before a foreseeable event (such as weather) arrives.

Please watch out for and help people with special needs.

If an evacuation were ordered, in most cases it is recommended that fans return to their vehicles and leave the area.  In some situations, such as severe weather, it may be advisable to leave the stadium but seek nearby shelter.


Should a weather event develop, information and warnings will be provided through the stadium public address system.

Lightning—should lightning approach within 8 miles of the stadium, the game will be suspended and the players will be removed from the field.  Fans are strongly encouraged to leave the exposed areas of the stadium and seek shelter at another location–away from the stadium or under a covered portion of the stadium.  Keep in the mind that space will be limited inside the stadium.

Severe weather—severe weather brings the possibility of lightning, hail, wind, and tornadoes.  Fans may seek shelter outside of the stadium or remain under a covered area.  Keep in the mind that space will be limited inside the stadium.

Tornadoes—the game will be suspended during a tornado warning.  Fans may seek shelter outside the stadium or remain inside under a covered area.   Keep in the mind that space will be limited inside the stadium.


Call 911 or notify the nearest public safety official if an explosion occurs.  Fans should move away from the area, exit the stadium, and return to their vehicles.


To report a fire, the public should call 911 or notify the nearest public safety official.  Alert others and move away from the area.  Please help persons with special needs.

Suspicious Behavior/Package

As a preventive measure, fans are asked to call 205-348-5454 or notify the nearest public safety official of a suspicious package or person.  Public safety personnel will pursue an appropriate response based on the circumstance.