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The University of Alabama uses UA Alerts for its emergency notification system.

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Accreditation signifies the high importance the University places on safety.

Safety App

Download on iOS and Android devices for a built-in GPS, shelter locations, and more.

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Are you Prepared?

Welcome to the Emergency Management website at The University of Alabama.

The Office of Emergency Management is tasked with improving the University’s readiness for potential emergencies.  This includes developing and exercising emergency plans, supporting first responders during an incident, conducting training, and advancing the emergency management process.


FEMA National Preparedness Mission Areas

This web site is designed to provide helpful information to the University community prior to an emergency.  During an emergency, the University will notify, update, and provide direction on its primary web site (

Preparedness is the key to prevent, protect, mitigate, respond, and recover from an emergency.  It can reduce fear, anxiety, and loss.  Should an incident occur, the University will provide assistance; however, local responders may have difficulty getting to you or are focused elsewhere; therefore, individuals should know what to do.  Use this site and others to prepare for disasters that may occur in this area.

Links to federal and state readiness sites:

ADPH Family Readiness Guide